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Buy a CMS IntelliCAD Cloud or Standalone License

Streaming from Cloud licenses


Standalone licenses

CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc., the developers of CMS IntelliCAD CAD software and Code Systems Corporation dba Spoon, Inc., a pioneer in application virtualization and cloud computing technologies, deliver CMS IntelliCAD® PE - Premium Edition - Cloud license, a professional full-featured CAD software programing toolkit, using Cloud-Virtualization Computing.

Key Advantages:

a) No licensing issues -  CMS IntelliCAD Cloud license will run from any MS Windows machine with a working internet connection (not simultaneously); License managment is no longer required, signing in to the internet server is enough to run CMS IntelliCAD from the Cloud.

b) Keep full cad files availability, and property - No end user file upload is required. CAD files are kept on local end user storage system as they have always been.

c) Speed & Performance - Streaming CMS IntelliCAD from the Cloud does not introduce any performance degradation, in fact it loads faster (on regular use) than the traditional local install.

d) Always updated - Seamless version update transition. New versions will automatically replace older ones.

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Available licensing options:

CMS IntelliCAD is also available as standalone, Dual, Cloud and Network. Only the Network license allows the use of virtualization techniques.

Store access for other browsers

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