Easy Run Perpetual License or Cloud Subscription

O CMS IntelliCAD PE Easy Run or Cloud, the always maintained time limited subscription, streams directly from the Internet in to your system and runs locally as any other installed software.

Plus, you will always keep your files where they have always been. Contrary to the standard cloud technology concept, with CMS IntelliCAD and Cloud Application Streaming technology you will never need to upload your files to a cloud server space you do not control. Your files, your property!

It's supported by any Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 64-bit systems without any license management requirements. Freely tryout CMS IntelliCAD CLOUD for 15 days!

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Optional Permanent Standalone

CMS IntelliCAD is available as perpetual standalone, single-seat, DUAL, Multi-User license or as always updated time limited subscription from the Cloud supported on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Get all the features of CMS IntelliCAD as free trial for 15 days!

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Native .DWG file support - from version 2.5 to 2017 (2018 by file conversion) - New Unbeatable file format compatibility. CMS IntelliCAD includes native .DWG file support - from version 2.5 to 2016.
Plus, it also supports dxf, dwf, dgn, pdf and image underlay, sat, dae, svg files and more.

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New Ribbon Interface

Experience the most amazing user interface. We have listened our users.
CMS IntelliCAD now includes a new Ribbon interface plus the traditional menu and toolbars that users also consider productive.

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Advanced Customization

Advanced customization without resorting to programming. Simply drag and drop tools to create custom toolbars, or modify menus with a few clicks of your mouse. CMS IntelliCAD® also supports AutoCAD® software menus, fonts, scripts, and symbol libraries, so you can easily transfer your custom AutoCAD® software environment into CMS IntelliCAD®.

Customized CAD programs

CMS IntelliCAD is a also full-featured CAD programming toolkit including Microsoft VBA 7.1, Lisp, SDS, IRX/DRX and Microsoft .NET 4.5 API.

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